Portoferraio: the Napoleon’s star

Un tour nella Portoferraio di Napoleone, la magione dei ricevimenti e il suo teatro personale. Una passeggiata tra i viottoli del centro, godendo della vista dei maestosi forti che punteggiano la città in cui l’Imperatore venne esiliato

There are several marks that confirm Napoleon Bonaparte passage in Portoferraio. The discovery of the sites that still reveal the Emperor exile is certainly the main subject of one of the most evocative walk you can do.

Starting from the long quay of the Medici marina, keeping a watchful eye on the boutiques and places where you can eat and drink something good, proceeding then towards Porta a Mare, the entrance to the old town. An easy hill across Portoferraio alleys till the northern slopes and another worth seeing location you should stop in: “Villa dei Mulini” , the Napoleon winter quarters.

A friendly advice for the more willing visitors: the Forte Stella is within walking distance to the mansion!

Before reaching the Mansion with its antiques, a halfway stop-over must be the Napoleonic Theatre, now known as the Vigilanti Theatre “Renato Cioni”, an eighteenth-century style little gem located in the heart of Portoferraio high side.

  • Portoferraio - Forte Stella

    Forte Stella

    The star shaped and red brick fort dominates the northern cliffs of the Gulf of Portoferraio.

  • Portoferraio - Villa dei Mulini

    Villa dei Mulini

    Built in 1724 by Gran Duke Gian Gastone de’ Medici, it was then re-adapted by Napoleon who explained his wishes to the architect Paolo Bargigli from Livorno, in particular about the creation of a Ball room, that was lacking in the initial construction.

  • Portoferraio - Museo dei cimeli napoleonici

    The Museum of Napoleon’s antiques

    An interesting display of antiques, proving the Emperor presence in the Island, conceived for all the lovers of the Napoleonic history.

  • Portoferraio - Bastioni Medicei

    Bastioni Medicei

    The town’s defences were gradually reinforced from 1570 onwards, even under the direction of Bernardo Buontalenti, and were used to provide accommodation for the armed forces as well as important look-out posts.

  • Portoferraio - Teatro dei Vigilanti

    Teatro dei Vigilanti

    Napoleon raised funds for its construction by offering 65 boxes for sale, causing great antagonism between Elba’s leading families, since they all wanted to buy the most expensive boxes to make their social importance clear to the population at large!