Portoferraio: the city of flavours

Take a whole day to discover all delicious corners offered by Portoferraio. One discovery after another, among seafood delicacies, excellent insular wine and unforgettable sights.

A one-day gastronomic tour in Portoferraio? Yes, you can do it, even without passing through the same place twice. On the contrary, meals could easily mark all the stops of an entire tour through the quays and the lanes of the town centre, up to the panoramic sites that head towards the open sea.

You could start from a delicious breakfast in the bar-boutique “La Tonnina”, maybe combining sweet and salty foods. Staying on the quays which run along the Medicean marina, you can give yourself a cold appetizer at “Salamoja”, an oyster and one of the excellent white wine from Elba. At lunch, once again by the sea, a visit to “la Pescheria del Porto”, not only to buy but also to eat fresh fish. Seated at the sea view tables of “Osteria Libertaria”, you can taste one of the dish of the day and have a drink.

Less refined palates that appreciate Street Food and fresh fish will just need to walk around the town centre to find them: the legendary “Polpaio” on its Ape car offers great traditional seafood dishes from Elba and octopus sandwiches.

After an exciting walk through the beauties of Portoferraio, it is time for a cool snack in “Gelateria degli Artisti”, where ice-cream flavours are named after the beaches. And then once again through the lanes of the city, just in time for an appetizer at “Bistrot del Teatro dei Vigilanti”.

At dinner, in the heart of the old town you will find the evocative “Via dell’Amore” which hosts “Pepe Nero”, a well-known gourmet restaurant: great elaborate dishes made with local products!

  • Portoferraio - Duomo della Natività della Beata Vergine

    The Dome of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    The main place of worship dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, established by Cosimo I in the sixteenth century

  • Portoferraio - Museo Archeologico della Linguella

    Museo Archeologico della Linguella

    Scopri i tesori conservati nelle due sale del Museo. Dall’Ara di Attiano d’epoca romana fino all’ancora in ferro del celebre relitto di Montecristo

  • Portoferraio - Teatro dei Vigilanti

    Teatro dei Vigilanti

    Napoleon raised funds for its construction by offering 65 boxes for sale, causing great antagonism between Elba’s leading families, since they all wanted to buy the most expensive boxes to make their social importance clear to the population at large!