The Sea in a dish: the Medicean marina and Portoferraio quays

Near the Medicean marina and across the quays running alongside Portoferraio blu edges, you can enjoy a first taste of flavours and delicacies: seafood tasting mostly together with the famous wine from Elba

Why not having a snack or a glass of a very good wine in Portoferraio? Maybe in one of the local places overlooking the blue sea of the Medicean Marina.

A quick breakfast in the shade of “La Tonnina”, a boutique-bar conceived and developed with attention to details, which are reflected in its gastronomic ideas and good taste.

Sitting at the table of Salamoja, you can enjoy tasteful seafood crudites, oysters and some wine!

And if you have little time between two boardings, have a little stop at Calata Mazzini 15 with its tipical products from Elba and a large choice of wines you should not miss, for a toast at the beach worthy of that name.

For your “ice cream moment”: “Zero gradi”, large portions of fruit-flavoured ice creams, a refreshing waiting moment. Another stop near the boarding area is the renowned “Gelato degli Artisti” (a branch of the workshop located in Procchio) where ice-creams have the same name as all Portoferraio beaches!

  • Portoferraio - Area archeologica della linguella

    The Torre del Martello

    Until the second half of the 18th Century, the Linguella tower (also known as the Torre del Martello, or Hammer Tower, due to its shape) was mainly used for storing salt and for processing the annual tuna catch, then it was converted into a prison.

  • Portoferraio - Bastioni Medicei

    Bastioni Medicei

    The town’s defences were gradually reinforced from 1570 onwards, even under the direction of Bernardo Buontalenti, and were used to provide accommodation for the armed forces as well as important look-out posts.

  • Portoferraio - Area Archeologica della Linguella

    Area archeologica della Linguella

    Un tuffo nell’essenza più antica dell’Isola d’Elba.