Elba Postcards: from the harbour to Forte Falcone

A trip from the harbour to one of the most renowned viewport of Portoferraio. We cross one of the most ancient parts of Cosmopoli, looking at the Medicean and Napoleonic remnants.

The unforgettable sea connects both Medicean and Napoleonic remnants, creating a single itinerary that you can see in just one glance.

When temperature is lower during the day, it is possible to cover the distance between the harbor and “Forte Falcone” in a short time. A golden opportunity to discover some of the architectural treasures of Cosmopoli: from the outstanding Medicean ramparts to “Villa dei Mulini”, full of Napoleonic memories.

With the sea always on its right and the popular sights of Portoferraio Old Town, we will not fail to make some interesting gastronomic discoveries.

In between “Calata Italia” and “via Giosuè Carducci”, there is a blossoming of cute spots and restaurants where you can have a drink or order an appetizer when the sun goes down. An excellent solution in order to combine culture and entertainment!

  • Portoferraio - Villa dei Mulini

    Villa dei Mulini

    Built in 1724 by Gran Duke Gian Gastone de’ Medici, it was then re-adapted by Napoleon who explained his wishes to the architect Paolo Bargigli from Livorno, in particular about the creation of a Ball room, that was lacking in the initial construction.

  • Portoferraio - Bastioni Medicei

    Bastioni Medicei

    The town’s defences were gradually reinforced from 1570 onwards, even under the direction of Bernardo Buontalenti, and were used to provide accommodation for the armed forces as well as important look-out posts.

  • Portoferraio - Forte Falcone

    Forte Falcone

    Designed by Giovan Battista Bellucci and then built under the direction of Giovanni Camerini, it is on Portoferraio’s highest hill and is accessed along a winding road that leads to the entrance, which stands behind an avant-corps dating from the 18th Century