Le Ghiaie

It is the magic beach where (according to Mythology) the Argonauts landed while on their way to Colchide.

This beach, whose name derives from its smooth white pebbles, is one of the most beautiful spots of Portoferraio. There you can dive into its blue waters or just lie in the sun, on your own towel or on the lounge chairs offered by the rentals places.

Great for a dive when Sirocco wind blows, enhancing the crystal clear waters, this beach is part of the reserve (protective easement zone). Everyone will just need a scuba mask to admire many species of fish and a wide variety of sea life, just a few meters from shore.

And if you feel like taking a swim when the sun goes down or at night, just know that the beach is illuminated so that people can go swimming quietly, even at night time.

The wide public park of “Le Ghiaie”, that separates the beach from the old town, is the ideal place to hide in the shadow during the hottest times of the day and where children can play.

If you would like to eat something on the waterfront, you will find plenty of restaurants, bars and ice-cream shops, where you can enjoy some fresh fish and cool off. “La Bussola” Restaurant serves a succulent spaghetti dish called “3 B” with codfish, burrata and bottarga. A real delicacy!

How to get there

The beach lies quite close to the city center and it can be reached just walking for a few minutes along “Viale delle Ghiaie” or “Viale Manzoni”.


Viale delle Ghiaie 57037 Portoferraio