The Open Air Museum Italo Bolano

An open air museum, with 10.000 square meters of garden where you can walk immersed in the scent of mimosas, eucalyptus, myrtle and oleander, and cherish the magic of the thirty works by Master Italo Bolano.

Crossroads of artists and cultural fulcrum for workshops, lectures, shows and exhibitions, the Open Air Museum Italo Bolano displays monumental ceramics evoking the artist’s perception of the island and his abstract expressionism, all immersed in a huge park where scents of the Mediterranean fill the air. He was born in Portoferraio in 1936 and he travelled the world, producing different artworks in Italy and in major capitals like Amsterdam, Basel, London, New York, Bruxelles, Hamburg, Lausanne, Karlsruhe, Munich, Zurich, Rome, Sion and so on, together with various paintings dedicated to the poems of his friend Mario Luzi, to Napoleon, Christ and the so called “Donna Isola” (Woman-Island).

How to get there

Drive toward “Marina di Campo”, then turn at the junction for the Napoleonic Villa of San Martino. A few meters away from the Villa, on the left, you will find the Italo Bolano Open Air Museum.

Opening times

10 AM – 1 PM / 4 PM – 7.30 PM

Closed on Sundays


Free admission

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Località San Martino 57037 Portoferraio