Mario Luca Giusti

A pop of color on the dining table.

Mario Luca Giusti represents the Italian design. Portoferraio hosts one of his boutiques that are located all over the world.

Design dining accessories, practical and elegant, characterized by crystal and glass and traditional shapes even if made with contemporary materials as acrylic and melamine.

The fusion-pop creations of Mario Luca Giusti are a burst of color, suitable for interiors, terraces as well as swimming pools, gardens or placed in a yacht.

His collections continue to widen, year by year, through new models marked by colors ranging from white to black, from colorless to brighter shades as “fluo” ones, creating an amazing and kaleidoscopic universe dedicated to the dining table and more.

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Piazza Cavour, 44 - 57037 Portoferraio