The Church of “Santo Stefano alle Trane”

An unusual Romanesque little church, still open for worship and religious ceremonies, immersed in the Mediterranean scents.

Travel along a road surrounded by vineyards and olive trees where everything smells of Mediterranean and finally you can see it: a snow-white little church characterized by Romanesque shapes that calls to mind the Pisa Cathedral, dating from the end of 1100s and still open for worship and religious ceremonies.

The original and wonderful facade is divided into three round blind arches resting on pilasters and decorated with unusual animalistic and anthropomorphic figures sculpted in marble.

The hill where the Church stands offers an extraordinary sight of Portoferraio bay and “Piana dei Magazzini”.


How to get there

Follow the road that leads to Bagnaia and take the street on the right to reach “Le Trane”.

Photo by Andrea Peruffo


Località Le Trane